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People> Performers and staff of the Habitat for Humanity event
What > "A Night of Hope and Homes" - Music, fun and a celebration of building simple decent homes for people in need.
Where > At Tarrytown Music Hall, 113 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY
When > Saturday, 9/10/2005 (7pm - late)
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(Section A) - Videos of various sections of the evening. (See Section B on the "full page" by clicking in the red box above for the full storyboard of all clips).
The below 3 videos will play simultaneously (may take a few seconds to download and become visible) and thus you should press the "pause" buttons of the other two videos you are not watching.
(All videos taken by Frank Sisco - Copyright 2005 Frank Sisco)

(A1) Video of introductory remarks by (a) Karen Brinn, Director of the Westchester Center for Creative Aging (WCCA) and by attendees. (Storyboard Frame A18)

(A2) Video of Millard Fuller, Founder of Habitat of Humanity (part 1) (For Part 2, go to the full storyboard below and look for frame #_____. (Storyboard Frame B8) (A3) Example of one of the performers (to be changed periodically). The Video below is of Kenneth Littlehawk, a Native American, telling a story about his grandparents and how they taught Kenneth about diversity in the "two-legged nation." (part 1) (Storyboard Frame B3)
(Section B) - Storyboard of videos and photos and information about the poets reading their poems.
The best way to use this storyboard, is to follow it by the number (#1 through #30) and click on the photo to go to the separate subpage for that particular part of the "story" of this event. (and to use the back button or the "List of Events " button on the top bar to get back to this storyboard)
#A1 -Drive from Frank's house in New Rochellle to Tarrytown Music Hall.
#A2 - Driving to event at Tarrytown Music Hall.
#A3 - Arriving at Tarrytown Main Street corner.
#A4 - Turning corner.
#A5 - Outside Tarrytown Music Hall with Karen Brinn, an organizer.
#A7 - Benn Brinn discussing his song "Build."
#A8 -Inside of TMH, talking with participants.

#A9 -Making copies of song sheets and watching prepartations.
#A10 - Talking with Kozzy of African Drummers.
#A11 - Jim Killoran commenting on various matters.
#A13 -Members of the band "Reach" talk.
#A14 - Rapping Seniors , talking about their group - Part 1 .
#A15 - Rapping Seniors , talking about their group - Part 2 .
#A16 - Various people before performances.
#A17 - Janice Rost, guest.
#A19 - Opening with Jeff Harris on piano, playing his song "Power to change the world"

#A20 - Start of skit story,
#A21 - African Drummers (part 1)
#A22 - African Drummers (part 2)
#A23 - Skit about Ireland.
#A25 - Tom Downs, playing babpipes (part 2)
#A26 - Skit about India.
#A27 - Alicia ____, dancing,
#A28 - Skit about Mexico.
#A29 - Danny ________, singing with partner (Part 1)
#B1 - Dan and partner singing.
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#B2 - Inroducing Skit
#B3 - Ken Little Hawk 1
#B4 - Ken Little Kawk 2
#B5 - Introducing Skit 2
#B6 - Jim Killoran Speaking
#B8 -Millard Fuller 1
#B9 - Millard Fuller 2
#B10 - Start Intermission
#B11 - Intermission
#B12 - Jim Killoran
#B14 - Jim Killoran
#B15 - Intro Musical Chorus
#B16 - Chorus Song
#B17 - Rapping Seniors
#B18 - Rapping Seniors 1
#B20 - Jim Killoran - About Mount Vernon
#B21 - Jim Introducing Reach Youth Group
#B22 - Reach performing "Build"
#B23 - Introducing Jewish Musical Group
#B24 - Music Group Song 1
#B25 - Jewish Musical Group singing song #2
#B26 - Meb Noor Intro Peace Vigil
#B27 - Peace Vigil
#B28 - Peace Intro
#B29 - Peace
#B30 - Ken Little Hawk Grace
#B31 - Jim Killoran and Meb Noor Encore
#B32 - After The Event - Karen Brinn
#B33 - After The Event - Sydelle Brinn
#B34 - Jim Killoran and Ken Little Hawk
#C1 - Drive To Clubhouse
#C2 - Clubhouse - Karen Brinn Part 1
#C3 - Karen Brinn at the clubhouse - Part A
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and Ben
#C4 - Clubhouse - Sydelle Brinn and Ben Nazzaro's Birthday
#C5 - Karen Brinn in the Clubhouse
#C6 - Original Song by Ben Nazzaro
#C7 - Drive Home - "Hustle and Flow"
#C8 - Drive Home - "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia
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