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++ Crisis Help Radio Show ++
Broadcast on WVOX at 1460 AM Radio live on the second Tuesday of each month from 7pm to 8pm EST. And worldwide on

Each month, co-hosts Frank Sisco, Tom Sullivan, and Ken Kline moderate lively discussions among guests in the New Rochelle, NY studio and call-in guests on a wide variety of topics related to the current financial and economic crisis, with the purpose being to help people deal effectively with challenges.

Crisis Help Radio Show airs the second Tuesday of each month on WVOX AM radio at 1460 AM and worldwide on Live video also can be seen on Prior shows are on our website (please leave a minute for downloading of mp3). The show is in its 4th year and seeks to help people through crisis by discussing themes such as staying positive, getting the help of others, seeing the silver lining even as you face adversity, teamwork, spirituality, appreciating that the flip side of crisis is opportunity, expressing your authentic self, using creativity to develop new solutions and giving fully of yourself to others. Although our shows often include specific suggestions on financial topics and crisis, we also have in-studio guests and phone guests who are creative and artistic and who share their current creations as they relate to the themes of our radio show (e.g. positive thinking, sharing, creativity, etc.)

Some of the shows' suggestions include (1) expressing yourself (2) reaching out for help (3) staying positive and confident (4) looking for the silver linings and (5) helping others when possible.
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