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Roxy Shows You How to Dance Sexy! (4 Additional Video segments for only $59)
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FreeVideoclip #1 and photos (A2)
Roxy is dancing and giving several pointers.
Roxy shares her ideas on the video and says this:
Music in background Don't Cha (Pussycat Dolls)
Ladies, when you get ready after you take my lessons, I want to tell you what I want you to do when you get ready to go out and dance, I want you to wear nice high heels, and a nice short skirt (no stockings?) , no stockings, a little low cut blouse. I want you to wear a nice simple necklace (earrings like you have?), earrings (good, that move around). I want you to wear lipstick, do your hair nice. Then I'd like you to really get out there and move. I want you to be sexy on that dance floor. I want you to be hot, and if you are going to be hot when you buy my videos, it's going to help you and make people notice you on that dance floor, you will make people look at you on the dance floor and if you feel comfortable you can do it (and classy) (Now, how about the men?), I want you to move that body, like the women do, (just like the women?) (but manly though) Men, you can move your body the same way, I want you to wear a nice suit, I want you to get on that dance floor and I want you to move. I want you to look sexy. (Now you don't mind if I get a shot from the rear, do you?) (Roxy, that looks so great. Oh, man.) (And it's not showing off, either. It's showing yourself and not in an over-the top-way. It's classy.) Sexy and sensual. (Now, there are 4 session videos that they can see on the website?) Yes, there are 4 sessions. You can purchase all of them.
Music in background - Dancing Boogie
Okay ladies, if you buy my videos. It's going to help you feel content, make you feel happy on the dance floor, it's going to make you have people look at you and say whoh, so it will help you in other aspects, and you will feel more confident , you will be able to go out there and move your body and feel great. So, if you buy my video it will give you confidence in more than one way. Think of how you are going to move, thing of how your are going to feel on the dance floor. And people will be looking at you and saying that is great.
Music in backgroujnd - Dance to the Music (Sly and the Family Stone)

Okay, ladies and men, if you buy my video, and you will feel confident,you will feel good, you will feel happy, and you will be noticed on the dance floor. you'll learn the moves, you will be able to move that bod, everybody is going to look, and it will even help you outside of the disco. It will make you feel great. 4 segments of the videos. Don't you want to feel like I do, You've got to purchase it. You can move just llike this. so you can come dance with me, you can get up and dance to the music, just like this, move it, move those legs, Let's see you come up and dance with me. like at a party, move it, shake that body, move those hands, give a lttle twirl, and move those legs. hear that women? come on. how you doing?, rock it, smooth, easy, look like your're loving it, look like it is you, walk it a little, ladies and men, separate a little bit, ladies move with those heels on, come on, do it with me, move that body and rock it, you can the same thing.



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