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Roxy Shows You How to Dance Sexy! (4 Additional Video segments for only $59!)
(Contact Frank Sisco of the advertising firm for further information at 914.381.3737. All photos and videos, including audio, taken by Frank Sisco on 5/24/06 and 5/26/06 and protected by copyright. Copyright 2006 Frank Sisco.
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Roxy is an expert at sexy dancing. She and her husband Bob go dancing at clubs every weekend. She finds that dancing has helped her stay in shape, has given her confidence throughout life, and filled her life with fun and romance.

Watch the several videos of Roxy on this website, and then order the 4 video segments in which Roxy shows you (women and men) how to dance sexy, with the right moves and attitude, for clubs, how to prepare yourself, including clothes and accessories. The 4 videos (about 10 minutes each) are only $59, and with your purchase you get phone and email support from Roxy herself! Buy the poster too! (Special 4 videos - only $29) See at right for details.

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Item # 1 - DVD of 4 instructional video segments like VideoVoom's Roxy Shows You How to Dance Sexy! but more detailed. (*) - $59 for all 4.
Item # 2 - Guaranteed online access until 1/1/2007 of the 4 videos on the DVD for Roxy Shows You How to Dance Sexy!(*) - for $59 .
Item #3 - Guaranteed online access (with special permission) of theRoxy videoclips on VideoVoom #1 through #4, until 1/1/2007. - for $29.
Item #4- Guaranteed online access (with special permission) of the Roxy videoclips on VideoVoom #1 through #8,until 1/1/2007. - for $39.
Item #5 - Poster of Roxy in convertible (see smaller image on VideoVoom (signed and numbered. - for $16.95 each
#6 - Additional phone support beyond the 20 minutes included certain pacakges via 900-XXX-XXXX - $1.75 per minute
*) Included in certain pacakges are 20 minutes of phone support by Roxy personally via 800-XXX-XXXX.  
Roxy is dancing and giving several pointers, including clothes and accessories.
Music - Don't Cha.  
Storyboard of Videoclips #2 through 8 (Click below to go to the subpage for each video and related text and photos)
Roxy is dancing alone and then with Bob (husband) and giving several suggestions. Roxy is dancing alone and then with Bob (husband) and giving several pointers Roxy is slow dancing with Bob (husband) and offering suggestions) Roxy is dancing alone in this short videoclip. Roxy talks about how the poster of the photo taken of her in a Mustang convertible. The poster is called Roxy Mustang Hot Poster. The video has scenes from the dance club at the Royal Regency Hotel" in Yonkers, NY. (Video taken on 5/26/2006 with the permission of owners Frank and Sal.
Music - Don't Cha, Dancing Boogie, Dance to the Music Music - Don't Cha, Dancing Boogie, Dance to the Music Music - Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye) Music - "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls with BustaRhymes n/a "Copacabana - Her Name is Lola," "Disco Inferno," "Ain't No Stopping Us Now," "Play That Funky Music."
Outtake video - Roxy commenting openly about marketing and joking around. Fun!