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Stephanie Thompson, President of Nantucket Equities (in Rye, NY)
About Stephanie Thompson and her mortgage firm called Nantucket Equities located in Rye, NY: - Stephanie Thompson is the focus of these video clips of a talk with her in the home office of Frank Sisco in New Rochelle, NY about the good news in the mortgage market, including new opportunties. Some of this information is also contained in an article published on 2/29/08 in the 9 Westchester Newspapers of Rising Publications including The Westchester Crusader, The Rye Chronicle, The Eastchester Record, The Pelham Sun, The Sound View News, Home News & Times, The Mt. Vernon Independent, Harrison Independent, and North Castle News. (copied at the end of this page) and referred to in the Contact section immediately below.
For more information, please contact the following:
(1) Nantucket Equities. - The internet website is currently under reconstruction. Please call Stephanie Thompson, President, at 914.921.2077 at the offices located at 621 Milton Road, Rye, NY 10580.
(2) - Please visit the internet website, or Frank Sisco, President, at 914.740.4422 at the offices located at 30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804, or email Frank at

(3) Rising Publications Please contact Nick Sprayregen, President, at 212.926.4200 at the headquarter offices located at 3261 Broadway, NY, NY 10027, or email Frank Sisco at The nine Westchester newspapers are The Westchester Crusader, The Rye Chronicle, The Eastchester Record, The Pelham Sun, The Sound View News, Home News & Times, The Mt. Vernon Independent, Harrison Independent, and North Castle Neddddddddd

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All videocliips, including audio, were recorded by Frank Sisco (with verbal permission) during an interview and discussions on 2/19/08. Additional photos and info were taken from various material provided to Frank Sisco. Intellectual property, if any, created by Frank Sisco remain his. Cetain processes and methods used in this website and related activites may represent patentable methods of doing business, trade secrets, or other forms of intellectual property and should not be used without the written consent of Frank Sisco. Copyright 2008 Frank Sisco. (Photo taken by Frank Sisco on 2/19/08).
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Storyboard of Videoclip # 1 through #10
(total running time of all videoclips is 51 minutes)
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Videoclip # 1
Videoclip # 2

(Videoclip #1) - Beginning comments by Frank Sisco and Stephanie Thompson, who indicated that instead of focusing on the negatives, there is good news in the current mortgage market including (a) interest rates are excellent (b) it is a great opportunity to buy a home or an investment property and (c) it is a good time to think about your current mortgage situation (e.g. adjustable rate to refinance to a fixed rate).   Many choices are available.   Mortgage brokers form relationships with many lenders.


(Videoclip #2)   - Stephanie Thompson explains to Frank Sisco that there is the opportunity to buy down a mortgage interest rate (1 point can buy down ½%) is better now than in the past (1 point bought down 1/4   %).


Videoclip # 3
Videoclip # 4

(Videoclip #3) - Stephanie Thompson explains to Frank Sisco that this a great time to buy a house because prices are lower.   She suggests that a seller should use a professional realtor who can guide on what things to do to make the home more saleable and get the best price. Also buyers should be careful not to overspend and take on too much debt.

(Videoclip #4) - Stephanie Thompson discusses with Frank Sisco some of the factors leading to the current problems in the mortgage industry.   Stephanie also discusses how to reduce cash flow expenses by consolidating debt.

Videoclip # 5
Videoclip # 6

(Videoclip #5) - Stephanie Thompson discusses with Frank Sisco the benefits of using a mortgage broker like her firm.

(Videoclip #6) - Stephanie Thompson discusses with Frank Sisco the mortgage option called "float-down option."

Videoclip # 7
Videoclip # 8

(Videoclip #7) - Discussion with Nick Russo on Division Street, especially about the trend of people moving up to New Rochelle from Manhattan.


(Videoclip #8) - Stephanie Thompson discusses with Frank Sisco the list her firm prepares of various interest rate programs and the handy grid of the amount of payments at different interest rates, which is available upon request.    She also discusses why interest-only loans may be appropriate.


Videoclip # 9
Not used.

(Videoclip #9) - Stephanie Thompson provides her contact number 914.921.2077.

The below article was written by Frank Sisco about Stephanie Thompson, President of Nantucket Equtiies located in Rye, NY, as published on 2/92/08 in the 9 newspapers of Rising Publications, Inc. (formerly Martinelli Publications) in Westchester County, NY including The Westchester Crusader, The Rye Chronicle, The Eastchester Record, The Pelham Sun, The Sound View News, Home News & Times, The Mt. Vernon Independent, Harrison Independent, and North Castle News. Copyright 2008 Frank Sisco

Written by:

Frank Sisco, 30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804

Home office - 914.740.4422, Cell - 914.740.4422; Email –

Copyright 2008 Frank Sisco

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"The Good News in the Mortgage Market " - A "Life and Money" interview.

A conversation with Stephanie Thompson, President of Nantucket Equities, located at 612 Milton Road, Rye NY.   Tel 914.921.2077

By Frank Sisco

Stephanie Thompson is a mortgage broker who thrives on opportunities.   Her very positive and optimistic disposition guides her to silver linings, and often to find good deals for her clients.    The current mortgage market has hurt many borrowers and investors, especially in the subprime sector, but as with life, when one door closes another opens.   In my home office recently, we talked about the glimmers of the good news.

Frank:   What are some of the opportunities and good ideas lurking beneath the bad news?

Stephanie:   There are so many positives happening.   Right now rates are excellent.   It's a great time to buy a home and to look at investment properties. And it's a good time to think about your current mortgage situation.   Do you have a first and second mortgage you want to consolidate?   Is your adjustable rate about to rise and do you want to refinance it with a fixed rate?


Frank:   Can you give me an example of a new guideline that has helped the borrower?

Stephanie:   The buy-down benefits are changing.   Not too long ago, paying one point upfront would get you ¼ point off the mortgage rate whereas now it buys ½ off the rate.


Frank:   How has the declines in real estate prices affected the housing and mortgage markets?

Stephanie:   People are coming to rely more on realtors, especially to price the house properly and market it.    Another thing a good realtor will tell you is what you need to do to make your home more saleable.   The real key is whether you can hold the property.   This is not the time to buy a property to make a killing but it is the time to comfortably buy your next property.   Good credit really is golden, and mortgages are indeed available.


Frank:   Will borrowers benefit from consolidating their loans?

Stephanie:   Usually yes.   We've been contacting our clients and helping them to analyze how much can be saved monthly by consolidating their debt into a newly-refinanced first mortgage.   One case we're now working on will save the client $700 per month.


Frank:   Even though I consider myself a self-starter, I very much value experts in their field.   I say, why not go to a mortgage broker who knows all the different deals available from many lenders.   True?

Stephanie:   Yes.   People rely on us to be their professional representative.   For example, we help clients find lenders who offer float-down options, which means that if you lock in now, you have the security of getting the rate you were quoted but if the rate goes down between the time of your lock-in and your closing, you can get the lower rate.   In another case, we can tailor programs for the borrower.   In the last year or so, we are arranging many loans called "30/10 interest only."   The loan is a 30-year fixed loan but for the first 10 years the payments are interest only.   You have the benefit of a fixed rate for the duration of the loan but are required to pay only interest during the first 10 years.   At the end of 10 years, the mortgage becomes a 20-year fully-amortizing loan at the same initial rate.    This loan is great for people starting out and also for people whose compensation is largely bonuses that they can then use to make principal payments.

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The website for Stephanie's company is at:

Videoclips of Frank's conversation with Stephanie can be found on (under People, then under "Mortgage Brokers/Bankers" or on (search on Nantucket Equities).

About the author:

Frank Sisco is a CPA, Personal Financial Specialist and video journalist who writes on topics related to life and money.   You can contact Frank by email at or by phone at 914.589.1013 in order to express your

opinion about this article or to obtain copies of prior articles.   Frank, and his wife and daughter, reside in New Rochelle, NY .


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