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Nick Russo, President of Nick Russo Real Estate Inc. (in New Rochelle, NY)

About Nick Russo, his real estate firm and about New Rochelle, NY: - Nick Russo is the focus of these video clips, including (a) a talk with Nick in his office about developments in New Rochelle (in recent past, ongoing presently and those planned for the future and (b) a walking tour with Nick around sections of downtown New Rochelle and a discussion of the developments. The videoclips also contain scenes around New Rochelle, from driving and from walking. Some of this information is also contained in an article published in the 9 Westchester Newspapers of Rising Publications including The Westchester Crusader, The Rye Chronicle, The Eastchester Record, The Pelham Sun, The Sound View News, Home News & Times, The Mt. Vernon Independent, Harrison Independent, and North Castle News. (copied at the end of this page) and referred to in the Contact section immediately below.

For more information, please contact the following:
(1) Nick Russo Real Estate Inc. - The internet website is currently under reconstruction. Please call Nick Russo, President, at 917.902.0538 (cell) or at 914.637.0300 at the offices located at 8 Division Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801
(2) - Please visit the internet website, or Frank Sisco, President, at 914.740.4422 at the offices located at 30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804, or email Frank at

(3) Rising Publications Please contact Nick Sprayregen, President, at 212.926.4200 at the headquarter offices located at 3261 Broadway, NY, NY 10027, or email Frank Sisco at The nine Westchester newspapers are The Westchester Crusader, The Rye Chronicle, The Eastchester Record, The Pelham Sun, The Sound View News, Home News & Times, The Mt. Vernon Independent, Harrison Independent, and North Castle Neddddddddd

Notices of intellectual property:
All videocliips, including audio, were recorded by Frank Sisco (with verbal permission) during an interview and discussions on 2/6/08. Additional photos and info were taken from various material provided to Frank Sisco. Intellectual property, if any, created by Frank Sisco remain his. Cetain processes and methods used in this website and related activites may represent patentable methods of doing business, trade secrets, or other forms of intellectual property and should not be used without the written consent of Frank Sisco. Copyright 2008 Frank Sisco.
Various photos from videoclips on 2/7/08
For more info, contact Frankd Sisco at 914.740.4422 or by email to:
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Storyboard of Videoclip # 1 through #10
(total running time of all videoclips is 51 minutes)
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Videoclip # 1
Videoclip # 2

(Videoclip #1) - Driving south (with comments by Frank Sisco) on North Avenue with the radio playing songs (Tear,Tears and More Tears by Elvis Costello).

(Videoclip #2)   - Discussion with Nick Russo, showing a map of the developments, including 543 Main Street and Davenport Lofts.

Videoclip # 3
Videoclip # 4

(Videoclip #3) - Discussion with Nick Russo, walking on Division Street (and commenting on several shops), walking on Main Street (looking at 543 Division Street and Davenport Lofts) and then Church Street (and commenting about future Church St. project).

(Videoclip #4) - Meeting with Jim Killoran, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity-Westchester) and talking about developments.

Videoclip # 5
Videoclip # 6

(Videoclip #5) - Continuing the walking tour on Main Street, then Lawton Street, seeing shops and Library Green.


(Videoclip #6) - Continuing the walking tour on Huguenot Street (with Avalon 1 and Avalon On The Sound East and other buildings).

Videoclip # 7
Videoclip # 8

(Videoclip #7) - Discussion with Nick Russo on Division Street, especially about the trend of people moving up to New Rochelle from Manhattan.


(Videoclip #8) - Nick Russo providing his contact info including his cell 917.902.0538, his office number 914.637.0300 and his office address - 8 Division Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801.


Videoclip # 9
Videoclip # 10

(Videoclip #9) - Scenes from the drive (with comments by Frank Sisco) up Main Street, onto LeCount Place and New Roc City, onto Huguenot Street (with Trump Plaza), then onto North Avenue going north.

(Videoclip #10) - Continuing north on North Avenue   (with comments by Frank Sisco) up Main Street, onto LeCount Place and New Roc City, onto Huguenot Street (with Trump (including the radio playing on WFUV a Ringo Starr song called "The No No Song," a positive uplifting song about quitting addictions.) and a jazz song that includes the line "you wear a dress, baby, and I'll wear a tie" and another song that includes the line "she said love, love, love is everything."


The below article was written by Frank Sisco about Nick Russo of Nick Russo Real Estate, Inc., as published on 2/22/08 in the 9 newspapers of Rising Publications, Inc. (formerly Martinelli Publications) in Westchester County, NY including The Westchester Crusader, The Rye Chronicle, The Eastchester Record, The Pelham Sun, The Sound View News, Home News & Times, The Mt. Vernon Independent, Harrison Independent, and North Castle News. Copyright 2008 Frank Sisco

Life and Money Interview - This article was submitted on 2/13/08 to be published in the 2/22/08   issue of the 9 newspapers of Rising Publications

Written by:

Frank Sisco, 30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804

Home office - 914.740.4422, Cell - 914589.1013; Email –

Copyright 2008 Frank Sisco

"Developments in New Rochelle"

Interview of Nick Russo, President of Nick Russo Real Estate, Inc. by Frank Sisco, CPA, PFs on 2/6/08 If you're considering buying a new home, or commercial property, in New Rochelle, you should meet Nick Russo. Nick unabashedly states that New Rochelle, especially the new developments in the downtown area, provide excellent opportunities, despite the current uncertainties in the general real estate markets.   Even though the two new 39-story towers (Trump Plaza and Avalon on the Sound East) and other new building have transformed this suburban city, what's coming up is even more dramatic and will fulfill the current promise.   I focused on the magnitude of these changes by walking the downtown streets in February with Nick Russo and letting him talk about what he sees now and what he sees in a few years.   (You can see my videoclips and relive the tour on the internet. See the end of this articlefor the link).   Nick has his finger on what will likely not only make New Rochelle an even much better place to live, work and do business, but will also likely drive up market values significantly.   Over the last five years, Nick has been a top agent handling more real estate transactions in new buildings like 543 Main or the Davenport Lofts across the street, where Nick enjoys his spacious one-bedroom apartment of fifteen-foot ceilings. Our talk started at his office, and then outside in our walking tour: Frank - It still doesn't seem like there is enough foot traffic, at least not yet. Nick - There will be.   When you put 4,000 young professionals in a four-block radius, you start to attract the retailers every wants to see. Just in the past year, for building owner renting commercial space we've been able to get $30 - $35 per square foot, which is far cry from two years ago when it was $15 a foot.   Apparently something's going on.   I've been very lucky to have received calls in the last few weeks from several major retailers who are interested in locating to New Rochelle.

Frank - Is the easy access to New York City a big drawing card for New Rochelle?

Nick - Yes.   I'm 35 and grew up in Manhattan, and have seen many areas undergo gentrification.   In the last few years, I've noticed that the same type of people who were attracted to downtown areas of Manhattan are the same as those now attracted to New Rochelle, especially downtown New Rochelle with its proximity to trains and highways to get into Manhattan.

Frank - Name some exciting things on the horizon.

Nick - Donald Trump is working with Louis Cappelli to develop a 39-story high-rise of luxury apartments on the parcel of the post office, called the Le Count Square Project.   Another very exciting project is the Simone development, also known as the Church-Division Project that will put 2,000 new residents here, and the related nearby new park and parking.  

Frank - What other factors make New Rochelle so attractive?

Nick - Thirty-two minutes to Grand Central.   Access to I95 and the Tran center.   Metro North.   The beautiful coastline with beaches less than one mile away, and all of its new pending developments.   Glen Island Park.   The rich history, solid residential areas, excellent resources, the rich mix of people and cultures.   well-ranked schools, new restaurants, the list goes on,

Frank - What's the best way for people to contact you.

Nick - I'd be very glad to help.   My cell is 917.902.0538 and my office number is 914.637.0300, and we're here seven days a week.  

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(ATM 1)- The videoclips of the interview and walking tour are on the website in the section for nonprofit events at:

About the author:

Frank Sisco is a CPA, Personal Financial Specialist and video journalist who writes on topics related to life and money.   You can contact Frank by email at or by phone at 914.589.1013 in order to express your

opinion about this article or to obtain copies of prior articles.   Frank, and his wife and daughter, reside in New Rochelle, NY .


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