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Jess Buzzuto has been decorating his house and yard with Chrstmas (holiday) lights for over 30 years. He has amassed a huge array of decorations and lights, and related stories. He shared on 12/27/2003 his unusual approach with the trio of interviewers Tom Sullivan, Steve Serwatka and Frank Sisco, and Frank's daughter Kelly. Watch the videoclips for the compelling story, including funny excerpts.
(Contact Frank Sisco of the advertising firm for further information at 914.740.4422. All photos and videos, including audio, taken by Frank Sisco on 12/27/2003 and protected by copyright. Copyright 2003 Frank Sisco.
Below is VideoClip #2 (B). (Driving up to Jess's house.) Click below photos to go to Videoclip #1 through #11 subpages.  


Photos of Jess outside his house on 12/27/03 and his house at night on 12/28/03.

Storyboard of Videoclips #1 through 11, (Click below to go to the subpage for each video and related text and photos)
The videoclip covers the time before the interview, including the drive to Jess' house. The videoclip covers the time driving up to his house and meeting Jess Buzzuto, his initial comments and his explanation of how he inserts lights into the ornaments. The videoclip covers the connection if any to childhood, when he starts the process (beginning of November), buying techniques, storage, John Lennon singing "Happy Christmas" in the background, receiving decorations as gifts, view from across the street, looking like a leprochan, Nebraska store, dressing as a leprechaun, etc The videoclip covers many shots from across the street, some years he does not take lights down, hats on decorations, all the figurines are lighted, Three Wise Men, Baby Jesus, photos, etc.
The videoclip covers the staircase, details about wiring, views around corner and side of house, close up of many decorations. The videoclip covers the directions to the house and plans to revisit the house at night, discussion of signs and obstacles., walking cane. The videoclip covers the helpers (Matt and Stephanie and their mother Kathy Catkobica and father John) and discussions with them. The videoclip covers the helpers (Matt and Stephanie and their mother Kathy Catkobica and father John) and discussions with them., including the resemblance of Stephanie to the figurine, how Frank Sisco met Jess, obtaining info about helpers, story about food Jess makes, article about gardening that was in Journal News.
Blank box.
The videoclip covers leaving the house, videotaping the ride leaving the house, talking about the event while driving Steve home to Eastchester. The videoclip covers the drive to Jess's house on 12/28/03 to see the lights at night and seeing his house. The videclip covers the drive back to Frank Sisco's house including the songs in the background on the radio on Hot 97.1 FM - "I Like the Way You Move" and Brooklyn Bridge's "You Made Me So Very Happy" and ends with a shot of the green and red fire hydrant (from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx) in Frank Sisco's side yard.
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