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Jess Buzzuto has been decorating his house and yard with Chrstmas (holiday) lights for over 37 years. He has amassed a huge array of decorations and lights, and related stories. He shared on 12/27/2003 his unusual approach with the trio of interviewers Tom Sullivan, Steve Serwatka and Frank Sisco, and Frank's daughter Kelly. Watch the videoclips for the compelling story, including funny excerpts.
(Contact Frank Sisco of the advertising firm for further information at 914.740.4422. All photos and videos, including audio, taken by Frank Sisco on 12/28/03 and protected by copyright. Copyright 2006 Frank Sisco.
Videoclip # 10 (J) of the interview with Jess Buzzuto and his fabulous Christmas lights, covers the drive to Jess's house on 12/28/03 to see the lights at night and seeing his house.Click here to get back to the main page of this service.
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