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Tax Info (Page 2) for Fran to prepare your 2011 returns. (Copyright 2006-2012 Fran(k) Sisco and Future Corporation. Rights reserved for all intellectual properties and for patentable methods of doing business, owned by Fran(k) Sisco.)
Francis Sisco ( VideoVoom category - People, Unique and Unusual)
Fran is beginning to relive life differently - fresh, less pressured and stressed, more in the present, fulfilling lifetime dreams, exhiliaratingly. Almost like being reincarnated on earth without dying first. On the home page is a sampling of videoclips, essays and photos. On this page is certain Tax Info (Tax Tables and summary info about deductions, IRAs, credits, education incentives, children and dependents etc.) (Also see page 1 for Letters and Tax Organizer).
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Francis Sisco and Ian Harvie (comedian - see at TransPride event in Washington DC in July 2010. At NRHS luncheon party in November 2009
Self-photo in mirror with iPhone in April 2009.
#1 - Quickfinder 2011 Tax Tables
#2 - Quickfinder - Children and dependents
#3 - Quickfinder - Education incentives and AGI Phase-outs
#4 - Quickfinder - Mailing info for tax returns.
#5 - Quickfinder - IRA Chart
#6 - Quickfinder - Child credits, 2012 Tax info, Estate and gift tax info

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