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A- Videos

1 – 12/16/14 - Singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" with Saint John’s Episcopal Church Choir

2 – 3/17/13 - Singing "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" with Saint John’s Episcopal Church Choir

3 – 12/16/13 - Signing the song "Imagine" by John Lennon



1 – 11/23/12 - Dance at Stark Reality Open Mic at Sapphire Lounge in NYC

2 – 11/22/11 - Tap Dancing At Penny's Open Mic At Under St Marks Place

3 – 10/14/13 - Tap Dance at Mercy College Talent Show

Link to Facebook page video


1 – 12-11 -13 - Kelly's Comedy at Mercy College Open Mic Night

Link to facebook video

2 – 8/7/13 - Performs Comedy at Broadway Comedy Club, NYC

3 – 6/18/13 - Graduation Show of Stand-up University at Brokerage Comedy Club in Bellmore Long Island


Poetry Readings

1 – 4/27/12 - Kelly Sisco Poems (1) Very Lucky You (2) More Stressed Out Than Me - Poetry Caravan Reading at Greenburgh Public Library, NY



1 5/4/12 - Interview of Sandra Hauss by Kelly Sisco about Creative Aging



1 – March 2010 - Narrates tour of her store "Truly Yours, Kelly!

2 – 11/04/2012 - Video 1 of 2 - Kelly Sisco discussing collections in her bedroom

3 – 11/04/2012 - Video 2 of 2 - Kelly Sisco discussing collections in her bedroom




B - Writings


1 - Not Really Dead (Essay)

2 - The Silver Lining Behind The Struggles of Running Your Own Business

3 - Net Neutrality

4 - EL Museo Del Barrio Experience

5 - Inflammatory Videos on YouTube

6 - What is your type of fun for this Spring Break?


News Articles

1 - The Advancement of Technology and the Beginning of 3D Printing

2 - The Shortage of Gasoline after Hurricane Sandy

3 - A Sad Story for Lovers of the Adorable Muppet Elmo – Kevin Clash and Elmo were Best Friends until the Incident that Torn them Apart.

4 - How can a city that has already lost so much bare to lose anymore.



1 - Two People

2 - Very Lucky You!

3 - More Stressed Out Than Me. I Never Thought I’d Know Such a Person.

4 - Mr., Sir., Madman, Miss. What Do You See? Who are you? Do you Hear a Change? Who will you be by the End of the Year?


Movie Reviews

1 - “Friends with Kids” If someone told you the three main things in life are Love, Happiness and Kids – which two would you choose?

2 -   “The Words” – You Never Know who you will Meet and Where you will Meet them.


3 -     “Trouble with the Curve” – The so-called “life in the cheap seats”.

4 - “This is 40” – Playing the Game of Life is not Easy but things do not have to be Harder simply because you are Getting Older.

5 - “The Guilt Trip” – The Road Trip that brought a Mother and Son Closer Together despite the Rough Patches.

6 - “Silver Linings Playbook” – A family that had everything going for them but allowed the little things in life to get in the way.

7 - “The Big Wedding” – Every Family is Different. Some are More Crazier than Others but the Love between them can still be just as Strong!

8 - " Now You See Me” – Come in closer because the More You Think You See What is Going On, the Easier it will be to Fool You.

Song Reviews

1 - Jason Mraz – The Man Behind the Wordplay and Tour is a Four Letter Word

2 - “We are Young” Song by the Group FUN. Won the Grammy for 2012 Song of the Year !!

3 - “Price Tag” Song by the Recording Artist Jesse J

4 - “Payphone” Song by the Group Maroon Do Not Fight with the People you Love because your Time with them could run out like your Change might run out at a Payphone.

5 - “Stay the Night” Song by the Recording Artist James Blunt – The Morning is on its way but for now Please Stay the Night with Me.

6 - “Cash Cash” Music Group Takes it to the Floor

7 - “ Strip Me” Song by the Recording Artist Natasha Bedingfield – If you Strip Me and Take Everything from Me, What Would you See?



1 - A Fair Tale Twist Based on Cinderella

2 - We Just Wanna Make the World Dance

3 - Based on the Painting – “I am the Village” by artist Marc Chagal



















C - Other

1. Link to separate website or discontinued gift and consignment store called "Truly Yours Kelly!