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St. John's Episcopal Church is a charming growing small church in the north end of New Rochelle, NY . St. John's is located at 11 Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804, at the intersection of Wilmot Road, Mill Road and North Avenue, a rising town in Westchester County, north of New York City. The church is headed since 1994 by (The Rev. Dr.) Rayner W. Hesse, Jr. Pastor, affectionately called "Rusty." He delivers "dialogue" sermons as part of service that is once each Sunday at 9:30am until 11am. The compelling services also feature an eclectic mix of songs and hymns, sung by the choir and led by the musical director, Eric Jennings. Click here to go to the main page listing all videotaped services for St. John's Episcopal Church.
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(Contact Frank Sisco of the advertising firm for further information at 914.740.4422. All photos and videos, including audio, taken by Frank Sisco on the date of the service or event and protected by copyright. Copyright 2006-7 Frank Sisco.
Info about the VidecClips and contact info - 9/29/07 Cabaret Concert, launching The Music School of St. John's
On Saturday evening on 9/29/2007, there was a Cabaret Concert with lots of music and songs in connection with the launch of the music school of St. John's Episcopal Church in New Rochelle, NY. The church is a charming growing small church with unusual services, including "dialogue sermons" led by (The Rev. Dr.) Rayner W. Hesse, Jr., Pastor, affectionately called "Rusty." The Cabaret Concert featured performances by Rusty, Eric Jennings (the church's musical director) and Mimi Munroe Goodwin. At the reception at St. Francis Cottage next door, there was an opportunity to sign up for Fall Class Offerings, including (1) Classical Music for Dummies (2) How to Prepare for a Musical Theater Audition and (3) Step Out of the Shower and Into Your Authentic Voice. The schedule and costs and other details is copied below.
If you are interested, please contact at Eric Jennings at or call Eric at his home office at 845.284.2743, or contact Frank Sisco at
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The Videoclips listed on this page show a service in the church given by Dr. Hesse, as videotaped by Frank Sisco. See the storyboard below for the Videoclips. For more information, contact Frank Sisco at or by phone at 914.740.4422, or Dr. Hesse via the church at 914.636.0047 or by email at The parish website is at The parish website is at
Storyboard of Videoclips # 1 through # 15.
(Click on the play arrow to play each video. You can use the pause and play buttons to operate videos out of the numbered order.)
Videoclip # 1
Videoclip # 2
FROM THE BEGINNING: (Videoclip #1:)   Short drive to church from Frank Sisco's house and conversations with several attendees before the concert . (Videoclip #2:) Beginning of concert, opened by Eric on piano and Rusty singing "I Am What Am" then joined by Mimi.   
Videoclip # 3
Videoclip # 4

(Videoclip #3:)   Eric talking about homage to the classics, and then he plays a song by Beethoven, with Mimi singing improvised lyrics, in costume, beginning "You know something, Schroeder."   

(Videoclip #4:)   An acknowledgement of Jeannette McDonald and Nelson Eddy with songs from the musical "A Day in Hollywood and a Night in the Ukraine" with Mimi singing songs that begin "My Heart. . " with a recurring line "what you're putting me through."

Videoclip # 5
Videoclip # 6

T (Videoclip #5:) Rusty appears with a cane in his left hand and his right arm in a sling, and introduces a song made popular by the screen star Virginia O'Brien called "Say That We're Sweethearts Again."   Rusty sings with Eric on piano.

(Videoclip #6:)   Mimi introduces the next song (lyrics written by her father about 50 years ago   (music by Beverly Fishkin), which begins "Well, it's no go Joe . ." with a recurring line   "Not now, no not never, no more."

Videoclip # 7
Videoclip # 8

(Videoclip #7:) Introduction by Eric Jennings of a new song (called "I Like Those Eyes" written by Frank Sisco (music and lyrics) with harmony (and rhythm) improved and written by Eric.   Eric describes the song's message and its look at self-defeating behavior.   Eric then plays and sings the song, beautifully and powerfully.


(Videoclip #8:)   Rusty comments upon the heat in the room, and talks about the music school and the upcoming songs from "The Fantastiks.   The songs were written by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt and are "Soon it's Gonna Rain" sung by Rusty and "Much More" sung by Mimi, with Rusty plaing piano.

Videoclip # 9
Videoclip # 10

.   (Videoclip #9:)   Tribute to Liza Minnelli.   Eric talks about Liza's significant impact on him becoming a singer and her impact on the world,    Eric is telling a story through songs that Liza sung.   He sings and plays on piano the following songs:   First, the Candor and Ebb song that begins "You Won't Find Me . . ." with recurring lines "got it figured" and "not me."    Then the song that begins "I knew the time had come.." with recurring lines "nevertheless I'm in love with you." The third song begins "standing in the room waiting for a train" with a recurring line "I think I like myself more than I like you.   The fourth song's recurring line is "was she the singer or the song."   The fifth song (with commentary by Eric" about   getting a second chance) that begins "This time, this time" with the recurring line "no time to waste."

(Videoclip #10:) Rusty comments about 4 show tunes written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe from 3 musicals. Rusty sings the first song "Almost Like Being in Love" which is from "Brigadoon."   Then there is an Interlude, awaiting costume changes, with the song "On The Street Where You Live" played by Eric and sung by him and the audience

Videoclip # 11
Videoclip # 12

(Videoclip #11:) Continuing from Videoclip #10, Mimi sings the second song "I Could Have Danced All Night" and the third song "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" (both from   "My Fair Lady") and the fourth song "Show Me" from "Camelot."   Eric played piano for all three songs.

(Videoclip #12:) Continuing from Videoclips # 10 an 11, with humor, Rusty introduces "If Ever I Would Leave You" from "Camelot."  

Videoclip # 13
Videoclip # 14

(Videoclip #13:)   Mimi introduces the songs from the musical "Wicked."   The first song she sings (with Eric playing piano) is "Popular."   The second song Mimi sings is "Defying Gravity."

(Videoclip #14:) Mimi introduces another song from the musical "Wicked" about the witches getting back together and it is about forgiveness and learning from each other.   Mimi and Rusty sing the song "For Good," representing their first duet.  

Videoclip # 15
Not used.

(Videoclip #15:)   Quick clips of audience members, following the concert talking in church and in St. Francis Cottage and the short drive to Frank Sisco's home.

Flyer (at 10/15/07) - St. John's Music School - Fall Class Offerings
Sign-Up Sheet - St. John's Music School - Fall Class Offerings


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