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St. John's Episcopal Church is a charming growing small church in the north end of New Rochelle, NY . St. John's is located at 11 Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804, at the intersection of Wilmot Road, Mill Road and North Avenue, a rising town in Westchester County, north of New York City. The church is headed since 1994 by (The Rev. Dr.) Rayner W. Hesse, Jr. Pastor, affectionately called "Rusty." He delivers "dialogue" sermons as part of service that is once each Sunday at 9:30am until 11am. The compelling services also feature an eclectic mix of songs and hymns, sung by the choir and led by the musical director, Eric Jennings. Click here to go to the main page listing all videotaped services for St. John's Episcopal Church.
(Contact Frank Sisco of the advertising firm for further information at 914.740.4422. All photos and videos, including audio, taken by Frank Sisco on 1/14/2007 and protected by copyright. Copyright 2006 Frank Sisco.
Below is VideoClip #3 - C(Covers the Gospel and Homily, including dialogue sermon given by Dr. Hesse and the parishioners. Click on the photos in the storyboard marked Videoclip #1 (A) through #6 (F) subpages to go to those separate video subpages.  


Info about the VidecClips and contact info - 1/14/2007 service.
The Videoclips listed on this page show a service in the church given by Dr. Hesse, as videotaped by Frank Sisco. See the storyboard below for the Videoclips including the one at the left. For more information, contact Frank Sisco at or by phone at 914.740.4422, or Dr. Hesse via the church at 914.636.0047 or by email at The parish website is at The parish website is at
Photos of outside of the church on 1/14/07.

Storyboard of Videoclips #1 (A) through #6 (F), (Click below to go to the subpage for each video and related text and photos)
The videoclip covers (a) the time before the service, including drive to church (with radio playing including clips of Donald Trump, ad for "24", and an extended clip for Geico about New Yorkers) (b) passing the church sign which displayed "Cloven" (c) and greetings in church. The videoclip covers (a) the start of the service with the Introit (b) At the Opening - Hymn 536 (c) Opening Acclamation (d) The Collect of Purity (e) Song of Praise (sung) (f) A Collect of Silence (g) Meditation (e) A Reading from theSongs of Songs (2:2-17) by Lisa Chiffolo (f) "You Went and Saved the Best of Last" by Waldman et al, read by Dr. Hesse (g) A Reading from Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians (12:1-11) by Raypeckauskas and singing of Hymn 381. The videoclip covers (a) the Gospel of John (2:1-11) (b) the Homily (with a dialogue sermon led by Dr. Hesse, including mention of "distateful" and the importance of using uplifting not hurtful language. The videoclip covers (a) the Creed (b) The Prayers of the People (c) The Confession of Sin (d) The Absolution (e) Offertory Sentence and Response and (f) At the Offertory: Hymn - Mothering God (g) The Great Thanksgiving, A Prayer of Jesus (sung)and (h) The Peace (i) Announcements and (j) singing "Spirit, I Have Heard Your Calling" and clips of the parishioners.
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The videoclip covers (a) The Invitation to Communion (b) The Post Communion Prayer (in unison) (c) A Four-Told Franciscan Blessing (adapted) (d) At the Closing - Hymn 376 and (e) The Dismissal. The videoclip covers parishioners leaving church.  
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