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Auction Item List
Copyright 2010 Kelly Sisco  
Organized by Kelly Sisco of "Truly Yours, Kelly! - Something special for everyone!
Lot number Deferred for next auction
Item description
Reserve price Store price
Lot 1
German beer stein of Ludwig II who was the king of Bavaria from 1845-1886 (C-John Epps)
$50 $85
Lot 2
Large, heavy, beige planter (C-Kelly)
$75 $125
Lot 3
Ceramic blue and white seat-shaped vase (C-John Epps)
$50 $75
Lot 4
Stiffel lamp (C-Victoria Corbo)
$100 $200
Lot 5

2 vintage lamps with baby angels (C-Valerie Griffin)

$100 each $200 each
Lot 6

2 Porcelain vintage dolls. One with blue and beige dress and the other wearing a light green dress.

(C-Michelle Mancini)
$50 each $80 each
Lot 7
Guinness wooden 3-D Wall Art in box (C-Keith Cleary
$15 $25
Lot 8

George Forman extra-large grill (C-Keith Cleary)

$25 $50
Lot 9

Bucket of various dog toys (C-Kelly)

$10 $25
Lot 10

Electric food slicer in box (C-Keith Cleary)

$40 $60
Lot 11
Beautiful painting of winter scene in pink frame (C-Kathleen Fox)
$60 $90
Lot 12

Antique looking Large Wall Mirror with ornate gold carved frame. 47” X 37”  (C-Kelly)

$150 $375
Lot 13
4 signed paintings by Morris Kratz in wooden frames (he is known to be the fastest painter who paints with a knife) (C-Sandy Arnau)
$125 $250
Lot 14

Floor lamp bronze standing with cock motif and pink glass shade 57” high (C-Kelly)

$50 $70
Lot 15
Floor lamp with brass and green tile sold without attached lamp (C-Kelly)
$50 $70
Lot 16
Sunburst mirror 29” around (C-Kelly)
$15 $25
Lot 17

Light fixture/stained glass 20” diameter (C- Kelly)

$75 $125
Lot 18
Set of miniature or dollhouse accessories that are in a fabulous display or carry-along case (C- Kelly)
$40 $80
Lot 19
Donkey sculpture handmade and painted in India (C- Kelly)
$25 $50
Lot 20
Tanuki or Japanese raccoon dog statue (C-Janine Genua)
$30 $60
Lot 21

2 wall-hanging/various colored plates (C-Kelly)

$35 each $60 each
Lot 22

2 Oriental-styled lamps with shade. (C-Vivian Seman

$75 each $150 each
Lot 23

Sold - Painting of blue irises unsigned, original, and framed - 28” X 24”. ( C-Kelly)

$3 $50
Lot 24
Oil painting of meadows with sticking out knobs (C-Kelly)
$25 $40
Lot 25
Painting of purple and yellow flowers signed and framed - 33” X 28” (C-Kelly)
$50 $85
Lot 26
Painting of young man wearing a straw hat framed 22” X 26” (C-Kelly)
$30 $45
Lot 27
Repro, Entombment Atala by Goridet framed - 19.5” X 22” (C-Kelly)
$25 $40
Lot 28

Painting entitled through a “mother’s eyes” signed and framed - 25” X 31"

$30 $45
Lot 29
Oil painting of man with very tanned skin and glasses at lake smiling with hands on belt and framed (C-Kelly)
$30 $40
Lot 30
4 Cast Iron Carousel Door Stops (C- Joan Spardo and Valerie Griffin)
$10 $20
Lot 31

Framed lithograph entitled “Visiting Nurses” by Alan Maley

(C-Regina Schwab)
$85 $150
Lot 32
Painting of jockey on horse original and unsigned 28” X 26” (C-Kelly
$25 $40
Lot 33

Statue of Native American family (C-Lori Mele)

$25 $40
Lot 34

Original Steiff hamster made in Germany second edition gold-style (

C-Lori Mele)
$40 $60
Lot 34
Not used  
Lot 36
Clear glass decanter set with eight glasses (C-Keith Cleary)
$40 $50
Lot 37
Amber colored glass decanter set with six glasses (C-Keith Cleary)
$50 $75
Lot 38
Treasure chest decanter set (C-Keith Cleary)
$50 $75
Lot 39
Beautiful picture of Heather’s Doll in pink metal frame (C-Bonnie Kaplowitz)
$35 $60
Lot 40
“I Love You with All My Hearts” horizontal picture in white frame (C- Bonnie Kaplowitz)
$30 $50
Lot 41
Metal light green with pink roses tray set (C-Sue Kobylack)
$25 $50
Lot 42
Blue ceramic tea set (C-Kathleen Fox)
$10 $20
Lot 43
Lava lamps in box (3 different styles) (C-Kelly)
$15 $30
Lot 44
Four red painted ice cream parlor chairs (style from the 50’s and 1 chair has a wooden seat) (C-Kelly)
$30 each $40 each
Lot 45

2 Norman Rockwell reproductions reframed (1 picture of grandfather in office with his granddaughter) (1 picture of young boy in the waiting room of vet with his dog) (C-John Clifford)

$60 each $90 each
Lot 46
Norman Rockwell framed print of grandfather and granddaughter with doll 14” X 18” (C-John Clifford)
$45 $75
Lot 47
Glass punch ball set with 9 cups (C-SB)
$45 $80
Lot 48

Glass punch bowl set with 17 cups (C-Kelly)

$60 $100
Lot 49
Vintage-style vertical metal and gold plated picture frame (can hold three oval pictures) (C-SB)
$15 $15
Lot 50

Vintage Fisher Price Looky Chug-Chug train pull toy (made in 1958) (C-John Wackman)

$30 $50
Lot 51
Gold framed print of Monet in the 90’s (C-Marilyn Yablon)
$55 $75
Lot 52

Napa Valley wine bottle print (C-Marilyn Yablon)

$55 $75
Lot 53
Gold framed print of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (C-Marilyn Yablon)
$55 $75
Lot 54
Rhinestone butterfly necklaces (comes in many colors) (C-Janine Genua)
$15 $15
Lot 55
Adorable pink fancy perfume bottles (Many styles for sale) (C-Barbara Ciotti)
$5 $20
Lot 56

Fancy tea cups with matching plates (8 sets for sale) (C-Lisa Cutrupi)

$10 $20
Lot 57
22kt & 23kt gold plate set (C-Justin Lioi)
$45 $90
Lot 58

Oriental style floor vases- 4 for sale (C-Kelly)

$25 $40
Lot 59

White ceramic vase with silver pieces attached with opening in front (C-Barbara Ciotti)

$20 $20
Lot 60
Thick and sturdy wooden frame (C-SB)
$15 $30
Lot 61

2 chandeliers with extra crystals (C-Valerie Griffin)

$100 each $175 each
Lot 62
Beautiful cottage blue-matted signed gold framed painting (C-Sandy Arnau)
$45 $70
Lot 63

Boat scene in thick wooden frame (C-Sandy Arnau)

$40 $60
Lot 64
“Matthew” porcelain doll part of the Ashton Drake Collection (comes with blanket, pamphlet, and certificate of authenticity) (C-Michelle Mancini)
$45 $60
Lot 65
Wooden dish wear and wooden Lazy Susan pieces (6 in total) (C-EB)
$10 each $25 each
Lot 66
Elegant bicheon dog signed painting in light pink frame (C-Barbara Ciotti)
$15 $35
Lot 67

Print of young girl in white party dress wearing sunhat with wooden frame (C-Karen Hall)

$25 $50
Lot 68

Horizontal picture of hearts in pastel colors with metal pink frame (C-Bonnie Kaplowitz)

$25 $45
Lot 69
Poster of New Orleans in thick black frame (C-John Epps)
$50 $90
Lot 70
Oriental-style pink-matted picture of young girl in metal pink frame (C-Barbara Ciotti)
$25 $45
Lot 71
Canvas wall art made to look like wood with silver shapes in a design (C-Kelly)
$60 $80
Lot 72
2 peach-matted wall art displays of artistic flowers in circle and gold framed (C-Sandy Arnau)
$30 $45
Lot 73
2 table lamps with wooden base, painted gunmetal accent and with shades 18” X 34” (C-Kelly)
$50 $75
Lot 74
Clear Murano glass large plate with display stand (C-Anthony Valbiro)
$150 $250
Lot 75
Local artist - large painting on canvas of wooden wall with flowers and vines painted by (C-Anthony Valbiro)
$200 $350
Lot 76
Local artist - large painting of 2 red and 1 yellow flower on canvas with aqua-blue background (C-Matina Grammas)
$125 $200
Lot 77

Local artist – large painting of beige flower with aqua background (C-Matina Grammas)

$60 $95
Lot 78
Huge adorable beige teddy bear wearing Crestwood Train Station t-shirt or t-shirt/hoodie of choice (5 for sale) (C-Kelly)
$20 each $35 each
Lot 79

Vintage-style wooden large round clock with pendulum in box (3 for sale) (C-Kelly)

$50 $80
Lot 80
Wine bottle painting in sturdy thick black frame (3 for sale) (C-Kelly)
$50 $70
Lot 81
Clock with roman numerals with thick black frame in box (C-Kelly)
$40 $60
Lot 82
Basketball painting in gray metal frame and white matting (C-John Epps)
$50 $75
Lot 83
Painting of beautiful young girl posing in gold antique frame (C-John Epps)
$50 $75
Lot 84
Handmade dolls by my friend’s mom and these dolls take a very long time to make. The dolls here are made of porcelain and are extremely delicate. (C-Dershewitz)
Direct with artist Direct with artist
Lot 85
2 posters of Greece in silver metal frames (C-Kelly)
$20 $35
Lot 86

Wall art - Harley Davidson official licensed product of eagle and the American flag in wooden frame (C-Kathleen Fox)

$30 $50
Lot 87
Painting of European Canal original signed by Rossi and beautifully framed (C-Kelly
$30 $45
Lot 88

Mickey and Minnie Standing Plush Dolls 8 Mickey’s and 3 Minnie’s for Sale  (C-Kelly)

$15 each $25 each
Lot 89

Large Men’s Watches with Stainless Steel Backing and Leather Bands. Many different style for sale (C-Kelly)

$20 each $35 each
Lot 91

Cabbage Patch Dolls – New Style and in boxes - 7 Dolls for Sale (C-Kelly)

$25 $40
Lot 91

Unique aqua blue handmade round vase lamp with off white shade(C-Kelly)

$100 $250
Lot 92
Unique brown handmade tall vase lamp with black shade (C-Kelly) $100 $200
Lot 93
Painted Forever Friendship Forget-Me-Not Plate with saying written in middle and with box. (C-Janine Genua)
$15 $25
Lot 94
Large thick Formica light brown wall unit with oval mirror. (C-Kelly)
$70 $95
Lot 95
Full set of golf clubs with shoes and supplies in new bag. (C-Frank Deieso)
$150 $300
Lot 96
Imitation hot wheel yellow large toy dump truck with box. (C-Kelly)
$10 each $20 each
Lot 97
Bucket of various TY beanie babies
$20 $40
Lot 98
2 Large black metal lanterns that are meant to be hung with doors that opens to place in candles. (C-Kelly)
$35 each $45 each
Lot 99

1 Celtic grave style crosses – hollow inside (C-Kelly)

$10 each $20 each
Lot 100
Heavy brass belt buckles (9 different ones sold separately) (C-John Epps)
$15 each $30 each
Lot 101
Antique wall clock with pendulum and key to wind up in separate envelope. (C-Rosemary Michie)
$45 $65
Lot 102
2 huge tall oblong vases with round bodies (theses vases come in red and purple see through glass)   (C-Kelly)
$25 $35
Lot 103
Ruby Z is the artist of this necklace and earring set made of ceramic. This set is off white, blue and yellow. The necklace has a lady hanging playing and instrument. (C-Dale Lattimer)
$50 $85
Lot 104
Set of 4 vertical Winnie the Pooh & Friends beautiful prints in gold frames with white matting. (C-Kelly)
$25 $35
Lot 105
Antigue framed large painting (unsigned) of the Victorian period which shows the hustle and bustle of winter where people are shopping. This painting looks to represent Fifth Avenue NYC (C-__-)
$150 $250
Lot 106
2 large very soft plush pola bears that are sitting down. (C-Kelly)
$20 each $40 each
Lot 107
Hand painted dark red with gold trim table. This table is very art deco looking. (C-Kelly)
$115 $175
Lot 108

Collectible Hummels by the company Goebel made in West Germany. (We have many different types and sizes for sale.) (C-Bob Smith)

$75 various up to $200
Lot 109
Exclusive to Truly Yours, Kelly! Tuckahoe and Crestwood station long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts or tote bags. (C-Joe Geraghty)
$15 $25
Lot 110

Fancy unusual cufflinks (Many styles for sale) (C-John Epps)

$15 $24
Lot 111

Fancy unusual tie clips (Many styles for sale) (C-John Epps

$5 each $10 each
Lot 112
Black leather jewelry box with velvet inside. This box has a lock and handle that is great for carrying with many compartments and has a small mirror with 3 draws. (C-John Epps)
$25 $35
Lot 113
Bucket of many colorful Hawaiian lays. (C-Jill Rothman)
$10 $25
Lot 114

Gift set in red box of 4 umbrella swivel drink sticks from Neiman Marcus. (C-Janine Genus)

$15 $25
Lot 115

Green box filled with lots of ribbon and all the supplies you need for sewing. (C-Joanne Chiocchio)

$30 $40
Lot 116
Quilted hat box with handle filled with sewing materials. (C-Joanne Chiocchio)
$30 $40
Lot 117

Nine West black and gray computer bag that can hold a 17’’ computer with extra gray case inside. (C-Taylor Williams)

$30 $50
Lot 118

Real Juicy Couture and Happy pink and purple suede massager style bag. (C-Taylor Williams)

$75 $150
Lot 119
Black over the shoulder real Coach bag. This is one of the older style bags that coach once made. (C-Debi Ciasco)
$75 $125
Lot 120

Knock off Coach small white pocket book with their basic design.  (C-John Epps)

$50 $80
Lot 121
Knock off faux leather Louis Vuitton small backpack style bag with their basic design. (C-John Epps)
$50 $80
Lot 122
Collectible sports prints on wood and wrapped in plastic. There are 7 Yankee wooden prints, 1 Giants and 1 Green Bay Packers) (C-Kelly)
$20 $40
Lot 123
Fancy old-fashioned beauty set. This set is mostly for decoration only and all the 6 beauty pieces sit on top of a glass mirror tray. (C-Juliette Muity)
$40 $80
Lot 124
Silver round tray with design that fits into black stand to make a great display piece. (C-Barbara Ciotti)
$35 $55
Lot 125

Metal basket with gold trim and many different size plastic fruits for display. (C-Rosemary Michie)

$15 $25
Lot 126

Different style new rain boots in Size 8-11 (C-Kelly)

$15 each $25 each
Lot 127

White tall lamp with green wire shade. This lamp holds 2 light bulbs. (C-Kelly)

$20 $35
Lot 128

3 light and dark brown horses made of wood and some real leather with different postures. (C-Harriet Burger)

$40 each $60 each
Lot 129
Yellow painted 2 tier table with glass top and girly magazine collage underneath. This top was designed by Kelly & Alex. (C-Kelly)
$75 $150
Lot 130

Vermont Teddy Bear: Super Teddy wearing a blue felt mask and a red and blue lycra costume trimmed with gold, this Super Hero Bear is a great gift to say thanks to your own special hero. This bear is part of a full line of very collectible teddy bears. (C-Randi Miller)

$25 $40
Lot 131
Not used.

Not used.

Lot 132

Star Wars space ship with R2D2 lilght up lamp (C-Julie Burger)

$30 $60
Lot 133

Mr. Spock unique and one of a kind statue from Star Trek.

$20 $40
Lot 134

Silver painted metal triangular unique umbrella stand. (C-Rosemary Michie)

$20 $30
Lot 135

Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer: This mixer is brand new and comes with two different size glass bowls and two sets of blenders. One pair of blenders is for making cakes and the other set is for needing dough for pizza. This set comes with the manual and covering bag. (C-Grace Salvatore)

$40 $80
Lot 136

Wooden Chair in perfect condition with wicker seat, which sort of looks like our ice cream chairs just made of different materials.  (C-Jill Rothman)

$45 $75
Lot 137

Full set of sterling silverware. This set come with – 12 forks, knives, soupspoons, cake forks and regular forks. (C- Vivian Seman)

$45 $45
Lot 138

Large fancy Italian gold color goblet. ( C-Joanne Chiocchio)

$25 $45
Lot 139

Wooden framed painting on canvas of the American Eagle with the word E Pluribus Unum, which means one of many in Latin. This word is written across the center of this wall hanging that symbolize American. (C-John Epps)

$25 $25
Lot 140
Metal unique wine bottle rack that hold and displays 8 bottles. (C-DA)
$15 $25
Lot 141
Large round silver metal tray with leaf pattern and handles. (C-Janine Genua)
$10 $20
Lot 142

Oddly shaped large black metal ornate-looking tray with flowers and gold leaf pattern as the trim. (C-Lucille DeCairano)

$15 $30
Lot 143

2 thick black wood shadow boxes great for showing off your collections and using in craft projects. (C-SB)

$15 each $25 each
Lot 144
Asian glossy porcelain signed interesting looking statue. (C-John Epps)
$150 $250
Lot 145
Large wall hanging wooden African mask of a woman’s face and 3 women on top of her head. (C-John Epps)
$70 $100
Lot 146

Black painted heavy metal mask of an interesting looking faces with an iguana on its face. (C-John Epps)

$75 $125
Lot 147

Long black interesting looking heavy metal panther for display. (C-john Epps)

$150 $250
Lot 148
Tall African drum with wooden base and leather on top. (C-John Epps)
$75 $150
Lot 149
Unique looking wooden carved walking stick with cobra on top. (C-John Epps)
$75 $75
Lot 149-A

Colorful red-faced wall hanging African Mask. (C-John Epps)

$50 $75
Lot 150

Couple of different sets of Lego’s and loads of pieces and the booklets on how to make different things in a big plastic tub. (C-Lori Mele)

$25 $40
Lot 151
Working Yamaha new electric keyboard that can play a variety of different beats and comes with battery charger, cords and working large headphones. (C-Kelly)  
$60 $60
Lot 152

Painting called "Flowers." Mixed media (acrylic, tempera). 16" X 20" Framed. Copyright 2008 Joseph DiCarlo. (C-Joseph DiCarlo, artist)   

$120 $150
Lot 153

Painting called "Woody." Acrylic on stretched canvas. 20" X 24" Framed. Copyright 2000 Joseph DiCarlo.(C-Joseph DiCarlo, artist)

$140 $200



Joe is a local artist who specializes in works of mixed media (acrylic, water color, India ink, tempera & pastel). His work is broadly eclectic, ranging from contemporary subjects such as folk artists Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan to biblical themes. His work may be characterized as belonging to the Expressionist school of painting which emphasizes the expression of emotional experience rather than the exact depiction of physical reality. Some famous exemplars of the Expressionist school include Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Rouault, Marc Chagall and Oscar Kokoschka.

As a young man Joe studied at the Art Student’s League in Manhattan. During the 1970s ten of Joe’s oil paintings were purchased by Cabrini Medical Center. In 1993 he was one of several artists featured in an exhibit entitled “Art of the Soul: A Spiritual Journey” at the Main Street Gallery in New Rochelle. His work was also exhibited at the Rye Art Center in 1995 and the Lumen Winter Gallery of the New Rochelle Library in 2002.

Joe suffered a stroke in 1996 at the age of 55 which left him unable to speak or use his right hand. Remarkably Joe taught himself to paint again using his left hand and through the years has continued to develop his technique and produce vibrant works of art of ever greater depth and intensity. The two paintings on auction, “Woody” and “Flowers” were created in 2000 and 2008 respectively.


Photos (and or videoclips) of selected items
Lot 1-a above
Lot 2 above
Lot 5 above
Lot 9 above
Missing 4th photo
Lot 13-1 above
Lot 14 above
15 - sold
Lot 18 above
Not used
Lot 21 above
Lot 25 above - sold
Lot 29 above
31-rear view
Lot 32 above
Not used
Not used
Lot 34 above -front view
34 -Rear view
Not used
Lot 36-1 above
Lot 36-2 above
Lot 39 above
Not used
Not used
Lot 41 above
43 - Lava lamps in box (3 differentstyles) (C-Kelly)
Lot 44-2 above
Lot 45 above
Lot 49 above
Lot 53 above
Lot 57 above
Lot 61 above
Lot 65 above
Lot 69 above
Not used
Lot 74 above - Clear Murano glass large plate with display stand (C-Anthony Valbiro)
75 - Local artist - large painting on canvas of wooden wall with flowers and vines painted by (C-Anthony Valbiro)
Lot 77 above
Lot 80 above
Not used.
Not used.
Not used.
Lot 81 above
Lot 85 above
89 - Large Men’s Watches with Stainless Steel Backing and Leather Bands. Many different style for sale (C-Kelly)
Lot 89 above
91 - Unique brown handmade tall vase lamp with black shade (C-Kelly)
Lot 93 above
95 - Full set of golf clubs with shoes and supplies in new bag. (C-Frank Deieso)
Lot 97 above
Lot 101 above
Lot 105 above
Lot 109-1 above
Lot 110 above
Lot 113 above
Lot 117 above
Lot 121 above
Lot 125 above
126 - White tall lamp with green wire shade. This lamp holds 2 light bulbs. (C-Kelly)
127 - 3 light and dark brown horses made of wood and some real leather with different postures. (C-Harriet Burger)
Lot 128 above
Not used
Not used
Lot 129 above
130-1 - Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer: This mixer is brand new and comes with two different size glass bowls and two sets of blenders. One pair of blenders is for making cakes and the other set is for needing dough for pizza. This set comes with the manual and covering bag. (C-Grace Salvatore)
Lot 132
Not used
Not used
Not used
Lot 133 above
Lot 137 above
Lot 141 above
Lot 145 above
151 - - Working Yamaha new electric keyboard that can play a variety of different beats and comes with battery charger, cords and working large headphones. (C-Kelly)
Not used
152 - "Flowers" - Copyright 2008 Joseph DiCarlo (All rights reserved)
153 - "Woody" - Copyright 2000 Joseph DiCarlo (All rights reserved)
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