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  Coming on 11/5/10 - "Internet Auction"- Click here for more info.
  Coming soon - "Making the song - Truly, Yours Kelly - for the radio" - Did you ever want to be part of making a song that has a shot at being played on the radio and maybe even making it as a hit. Well, Kelly and Frank wrote a song that started as a jingle for the store, and blossomed into a 3.5 minute song which they want to record professionally and get many of their friends and customers to participate (including people who have an accent to sing and give the song an global flair". If you like to sing or like to play an instrument, or just like being part of a fun event, contact us to register for the studio session we are planning to record the song. Check out a rough cut by clicking here (and reading the fun lyrics).
  Other possible events and parties will include (1) Poetry reading party and open-mike. (2) A seminar about The World of Consignment Merchandise (2) "Make-up Tips " - a free seminar on how to apply make-up to bring out the best in you, whether for everday workdays, casual around the home, or for special occasions like weddings, parties, dinners, etc. Hair styles will also be discussed. Also, covered with be suggestions on quality affordable cosmetics and other beauty products. (3) "Female Fashion Fiesta," highlighting hot handbags and sexy skirts. (4) "Songwriting Workshop," covering the key points in writing a memorable song and maybe even a hit. Open to people of alll skill levels and to musicians, singers, songwritiers, lyricists, poets.


  Prior Events to give you a feel about our store, our merchandise and our people.
Sign up for our great events and parties for our customers ! Or host one at our store!

#5 - Saturday evening, October 2, 2010 (from 6pm to 10pm)

"Consignment Auction Night " - Over 40 people attended our auction. Our auctioneer was (The Rev. Dr. Rayner W. Hesse, Jr., often called "Rusty," kept the auction lively and fun, and Kelly Sisco introduced the items, giving descriptive information, background, history and interesting information about the items. Many of the items were passed and are scheduled for future auctions, incuding exciting live internet auctions.
Click here for color flyer with details, photos, etc.
Click here for videoclips of the Consignment Auction Night.
Click here for 3 minute radio ad (voice-over by Frank Sisco) for Consignment Auction Night with the TYK theme song in the background
#4 - Saturday, October 3, 2009 (from 12 to 6pm) (Rained off and on) "Big Tall Buff and Basketball " - This is planned to be an unusual event combining a fabulous fashion show (mostly men but a few women) and a fun sports day including games, prizes and free food. The day will feature those among us who are bigger or taller than average and the amazing clothes for them at "Truly Yours, Kelly!" Check out the photos of clothing in Category B on this website for hot fashion items. And visit us in the store to try on the clothes and see which ones you want to model the night of the event. Please bring your basketball for shoot and for the party! (or any other equipment from your favorite sport).
Click here for color flyer with details, photos, etc.
#3 - Tuesday, August 18th at 7pm "Canine Idol"Event - At this unusual dog event , there were prerecorded videoclips are displayed on a large screen for all to see the dog owners talking about " I love my dog because....", and there is also an open-mike for people to share their stories live at the event. In addition, there will be 2 other presentations by , and expert dog groomers and dog walkers share their advice. (1) Katie Aienello, owner of "Best Friends," dog grooming store located at 752 Central Avenue, Yonkers NY 10583 - Tel 914.472.1100 (Event attendees will receive a coupon for $10 off to use as a new customer toward a dog grooming at Best Friends) and (2) Bill Klein artist of dogs and people.
12 videoclips of people talking about their dogs - click here
Flyer - click here.
#2 - Tuesday, July 21st at 7pm Book signing party, featuring Pam Mickatavage, author of children's book"Mom's Time Out," illustrated by Anthony Valbiro.
Flyer - click here.
#1 - Saturday, June 8th at 7pm
"Men's Fashion Show," featuring 13 "models" who paraded the apparel from the store (e.g. shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, belts, etc.) , while carrying merchandise they selected such as vases, prints, rainboots, painted furniture, knickknacks, dog toys, etc. (See below for various videoclips of the fun time.)
8 videoclips of people at the Men's Fashion Show, including 10 guys strutting their stuff.
Page for info and photos - click here



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