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Three Changes announced on 5/2/11
Changes Are Going to Do Us Good!

To our consignment vendors, customers and friends: ( 5/2/11)

We at Truly Yours, Kelly! thank you very much for doing business with us and we hope to make it even more fruitful for you in the future.   Because we want to grow our business, we have been examining the ways that we conduct business, researching various methods used in the industry, doing surveys and trying new practices.   After careful study and tests . . . . . .

We are announcing 3 major changes;

#1 - New consignment policy

#2 - TYK Buying Card

#3 - TYK Dollars


#1. Our new consignment policy should result in more sales and more money for you and us.

We reserve the right to discount the designated selling price on every consignment item by 50% if by doing so it significantly helps us to sell the item.   If you are a consignment vendor and do not approve of this change, you must contact us ASAP and either remove your item from our store or agree to sell the item to us at a reduced price (e.g. 10% of selling price).   We are adding a bonus to our consignment payout of 10% with TYK Dollars (see #3 below) that can be used for future purchases.   For example, let's say you consigned an item to us and we set a selling price of $80. We will now have the ability to discount it by 50%, or down to $40.   Of the $40 sales price, we will pay you 50% (as it has been), or in this example $20 plus a 10% bonus of $2 for a total of $22 consignment payout.   We believe that the big price reductions will help generate more sales transactions and lead to more customers who may buy more of your consigned items.   It's a   Win-Win-Win for everyone!


#2. With our new TYK Buying Card you will get a whopping 50% off our already-low prices for up to 7 days after the sales event and other benefits.

The new TYK Buying Card has features that are similar to rewards cards and membership cards.   As a cardholder you will be eligible for the following benefits:

a. Have you ever missed a sale because you were too busy that day or forgot to go? Here is our solution.   If you miss our sales (even the "blow-out 50% off" sales), with the TYK Buying Card we will give you 7 additional calendar days to come to the store and get the discounted sales prices.

b. You will receive free TYK Dollars in the mail (or by email if you prefer) as promotions.

c. You can do layaway.

e. You may list with us up to 5 items you want to buy and through our sources we will try to find them for you and call you with what we have found.


#3. You can use our new TYK Dollars   to buy items or you can trade the dollars to other people.

We have printed hundreds of TYK Dollars for customers, consignment vendors and friends.   Some are included with this letter for you to save money on your next purchase.   If you are a consignment vendor, we will send you TYK Dollars for 10% of the consignment check we send to you.   For example, if next month's consignment check to you is $130, then we will send you an additional $13 of TYK Dollars.   Pretty cool, right?   Some restrictions apply for each TYK Dollar including that they expire after 90 days and cannot be more than 50% of an item's purchase price.   The TYK Dollars are transferable so you can give some of yours to a relative or friend. More fun than a gift certificate!   The TYK Dollars can be a perfect party favor.   You can even trade them or sell them.

Please call us at our store (or Kelly on her cell - 914.589.6196) to discuss these 3 changes and how you can benefit most.   Looking forward to talking with you.

Thanks again!

Kelly Sisco, Fran and the staff at Truly Yours, Kelly!

Note: All rights reserved and Copyright 2011 Fran Sisco (especially for TYK Buying Card and TYK Dollars)


#2 - Our new TYK Buying Card


Reverse Side

           TYK Buying Card Benefits

1.   Get an extra 7 days on all sales including 50% off sales.

2. We will notify you of upcoming events and sales.

                  Best way to reach you – (Circle One)

                  E-Mail              Phone             Regular Mail

3. We will keep a list for you of 5 items that you are looking

for and will search the internet, our consignment vendors

and sellers for you.

See for more info

Signature _______________________        Date________________

Print Name______________________

#3 - Our TYK Dollars
Restrictions apply: (1) TYK Dollars expire 60 days after issuance (2) You can use TYK Dollars to buy anything at Truly Yours, Kelly! for a purchase price of at least twice the TYK Dollars used (3) During our 50%-off blowut sles, you can only use up to 10 TYK Dollars before the 50% discout.
Front side and reverse side

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(A1) Furniture (A2) Vases (A3) Other glassware, plates, mugs, cups, candles, utensils, etc. (A4) Mirrors, lamps, chandaliers, and other home items (A5) Paintings, prints, photos, and posters (A6) Frames for paintings, prints, photos, etc. (A7) Knick knacks (A8) Unusual items, antiques, collectibles, Mahopac Castle, artist-enhaced items, etc. (A9) Miscellaneous and (A10) Seasonal (Christmas, holidays).
(B1) Women's rainboots, men's boots, and shoes and sandals (B2) Handbags, backpacks and cases (B3) Clothing for women (B4) Clothing for men (B5) Belts, scarves and hats (B6) Jewelry, bracelets, rings, pins, necklaces (B7) Key chains, luggage tags, accessories (B8) Used books ("second-life"), music CDs, movies DVDs, vinyl albums (B9) Toiletries inclduing shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, hir brushes

(C1) Stuffed animals (C2) Dolls and doll accessories (C3) Toys & games, arts & crafts, and banks (C4) Bicycles, ride-ons, including motorized (C5) Baby and children's furniture (C6) Carriages, strollers, baby items, kid clothes (C7) Dog items - leashes, toys (C8) Other pet stuff (C9) Miscellaneous.


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