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We'd love you to become part of our growing TYK family: Easy steps. Step #1 - View this website and call us. Be a customer, a consigment vendor, a supplier, or host of an event. Step #2 - Come into our store or talk by phone. Step #3 - Enrolll by phone.
For 4-minute videoclip of tour of store by Kelly on 3/2/2010, clip here. (temporarily not working)

The best way to contact us is to call us at the numbers on the card at left, or send an email to Kelly and the store at or to Frank directly at or to the We are also on Facebook and Twitter under TrulyYoursKelly. Have fun!

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- Please listen to new store song/jingle. (rough cut). (Especially you, Joseph Arthur. You were fantastic on Wednesday 3/10/10 at the Watercolor Cafe in Larchmont! -Sign up for our great events and parties for our customers ! Or host one at our store!

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Our unusual prior events (fashion shows, book signing, dog events) - Click here to check out the details including photos and videoclips.

Consignment Information

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For more info, call Kelly at 914.589.6196, or Frank at 914.589.1013 or our store at 914.361.1149.

Truly Yours, Kelly!

269-271 Columbus Avenue

Tuckahoe, NY 10707

Tel 914.361.1149
Kelly Sisco, owner - cell 914.589.6196
email -
website -
Consignment Policy

1.   Welcome!

We would be very happy to work with you on consigning your items to us in our store and/or onto our internet website at   We believe that many items are very worthy of a "second life" and that new buyers will be quite excited to find something you are willing to part with.

2.   How will people find your items once consigned with us:

Customers find out about us in many ways.   Some through word-of-mouth, or see as they drive by in cars or on the train, or walk by our shop when in Tuckahoe and Crestwood.   Others notice our ads or essays in magazines or newspapers, or our coupon flyers by mail or by email the mail.   Several new customers meet us at store events, community or charity activities.   A growing number of people see the items on internet via, ebay or or just from searching google, yahoo or bing.    We at Truly Yours, Kelly! have "something special for everyone."   And so we love getting items from people that they once loved and felt were special and are willing to let them go and find a new home.   And the more exposure we get, the greater the chances of your item selling.

3.   The process is simple and easy.

You contact us and we talk about the items you want to consign to us.   We then list the selected items along with suggested prices on our "Drop-off Sheet."   Each item's tag or price sticker includes a "C" (for consigned) along with the consignment person's initials, so that we can easily find your items in our store and to allow us to track sales.   Often we get prices from checking various online sources.   Usually after setting a price we also set a "negotiation percentage" that you are comfortable reducing the initial price in order to close the sale (e.g. 20%).   We split the net proceeds from the sale (before sales tax) on a 50/50 basis, which we feel is fair to both you and us.   For example if a $50 item is reduced by 20% in the negotiation with a customer down to $40, we then split the $40, netting $20 to you and $20 to us.   Each day, we keep a detailed record of all sales and post the sales of consigned items to our detailed Consignment Book, which is categorized for each Consignment person.   Then we write checks and mail them to our Consignment Vendors with the detailed listing called our "Sales Reporting Sheet." We will gladly provide you referrals of our Consignment Vendors.

4.   Items we accept.

We especially like unique items that (a) make a great first impression (b) are quality merchandise in excellent condition and (c) are fairly priced.   If the item is a piece of art or a craft, we would like to know something about the artist or craftsperson.   If it is vintage or an antique, the more historical info we have the better.   To get familiar with our store contents, in addition to touring our store, please look at our website for photos (and videoclips) of hundreds of items categorized as (1) For your home (2) For your body and mind and (3) For your children and pets.  

5.   Items we do not accept.

We do not accept damaged items or used clothing.   The clothing we accept must be new and ideally have the original tags.   Also, we do not accept any offensive material.

6.   Pick-up and delivery, clean-outs.

We have handled clean-outs of houses and apartments, and can arrange for pick-up and delivery.   No project is too big or too small.

7.   Protection.

Your items are valuable to you and to us and the future buyers.   We try our utmost to exercise care when handling them.   Nevertheless, sometimes things break and, if they do, we will pay you as if they were sold.   We have insurance against theft, water damage and fire.

8.   Internet-consignment.

Some items are too large for display in our store such as dining room sets, bed frames, pianos and large equipment items.   We will gladly accept an "internet consignment" whereby we will list your items on our website at (with photos, videoclips and descriptions) and try to sell them as eagerly as if the items were in our store, including posting the items on various other websites on the internet.   The split in this case is 75% for you and 25% for us.

9.   Expiration.

We reserve the right to return to you the items, which for some reason are not selling.   When notified, you have 10 days to pick up the items.

10.   Truly Yours, Kelly!

Lastly, as always, please enjoy shopping in our store and we hope we have made your time with us as pleasant as possible.   And we hope that:

(a) as a consignment vendor you were able to sell your item, gain cash and help make a new buyer happy and (b) if as a buyer yourself you were able to obtain an item that brings you joy

Please feel free to call us with any questions.


Kelly Sisco and staff

Consignment Drop-Off Sheet
Note: If you are a consignment vendor wanting to drop-off items to our store, please call Kelly first to arrange an appointment, to discuss your items and possibly look at photos first, and then when you are bringing in the items, please fill out the below sheet and tag each of your items to make the process easier. Also, please review our Consignment Policy above.





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