Large Basement Apartment for rent to the home aide who will care for my parents.
Call Fran Sisco at 914.589.1013.
Or contact Fran Sisco of 2 or by email at
Step #1 - View this website to determine your initial interest in living in the newly finished basement apartment in New Rochelle,NY, Step #2 - Call Fran at 914.589.1013 and discuss the matter and your possible fit.

Step #3 - If you are intrested and if you qualify, then visit with Fran first and then with her parents.

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Videoclips and photos of the large basement apartment for single person. (Eleanor, house owner, and her home health aide Jennifer are shown in photos and videoclips)

$870 per month for recently finished large basement apartment in excellent neighborhood with separate private entrance. Large living room area, office/den area, very small bedroom, kitchen area (sink, cabinets, microwave, small refrigerator, no stove), bathroom with shower. Three windows give plenty of light. Freshly painted. Has bed, desk, cabinets, lamps. You can personalize the apartment if you want. included in the $870 per month is gas heat, electric, cable TV, WIFI, Convenient washer and dryer next to kitchen area.

Apartment is in private home in beautiful and safe neighborhood behind Jefferson School on Weyman Ave., less than ½ mile between Main Street (and Home Depot and buses) and Shore Road (Glen Island Park including beach). Convenient location. Separate entrance a big plus.

We prefer a single person such as a college student. Not allowed are pets, smokers, loud people because an elderly couple live in the house.
Must have stable income, good credit, 3 references, and 2 months security deposit and be neat and clean.

You can see photos and videoclips of the apartment (and of the house owner and her home health aide) at the following link:

Cal Fran (the owner’s daughter) at 914.589.1013 for more info and to arrange to see the apartment. Emails not answered.





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