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Collection of discarded empty bottles and cans belonging to Kelly. (click here for detailed subpage)

Note - We all have collections, but sometimes collecting can get out of hand and perhaps lead to (or reflect) an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Kelly's many collections included a collection of over 400 discarded empty bottles and cans and it was becoming a block to personal growth. She gathered the strength needed in September 2007 and these 4 videoclips show various stages of the purge and healing. (1) Videoclip #1 shows Kelly throwing out 300 plus bottles and cans in her apartment on 9/10/07 (2) Videoclip #2 shows Kelly throwing out another 100 bottles and cans on 9/11/07 (3) Videoclip #3 shows Kelly on 9/12/07 applying for a job at Lord & Taylor, taking a trip to Sahaja Yoga meditation in Riverdale (Bronx), NY (Song playing in background is "Love me when I'm gone," "You got to give me everything," Mariah Carey "Dream Lover" and (4) Videoclip #4 on 9/15/07 showing more clean-up and organizing stuff in Kelly's apartment, and showing Kelly's long maniured French nails (regrown from the very short nails of a couple of months ago), Kelly summarizing at the end, outside her apartment. If you get bogged down with collections, the answer may be to start "uncollecting." A postscript to the story is that Kelly obtained a sales associate position at Lord & Taylor and started training on 9/19/07. For more info, go to, under the "Things" category and the click on "Collections" and/or call Frank Sisco at 914.740.4422. or by email to

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Videoclip #1 of varioius scenes relating to throwing out collection of bottles and cans.
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Things - Collections Kelly's collection of discarded empty bottles and cans (over 400)
ItemActivity Video interviews with several attendees and views of conversations and dancing.
ItemActivity # Things - Collections - 001
Price Various - Free
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