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Unique stately single-family home is a castle in Mahopac, NY - $565,000

(over $100,000 spent on recent repairs and renovation)

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Photos of house when it was freshly painted several years ago.
Videoclip (from by Frank Sisco of 14 minute tour of inside and outside of house on 6/6/07 by (a) an individual who was a real estate agent and a builder who requested his videoclip be removed, real estate agent and developer and (b) RJ Simon of RJ Home Improvements who continues to allow his videoclips to be part of this website and on the internet .
Quicktime videoclip from 10/19/05. (Clck pause button to stop the videoclip from playing)
Videoclip has been temporarily removed on 4/29/08.
A - Summary - 25 Mullins Lane, Mahopac, NY 10541 -
B - Main features -
D - Community -
One-of-a-kind large estate home, built by a general to look and feel like a castle, with over 5,500 square feet of unusually designed interiors in 3 stories, with stucco on exterior and interior walls. After some sprucing-up, remodeling,updating, and perhaps some reconfiguring, this home could last you a lifetime or be worth significanlty more than its listed price. A dream for developers, builders or creative people. Great location in Putnam county and just a mile from the gorgeous Lake Mahopac.
Sales Status: Was once listed in past by Houihan Lawrence - Mahopac, MLS #2509920. Owners have moved. Now listed on Multiple Listing Service with Grand Lux Realty of Armonk, NY - MLS #2529854. Contact real estate agent, Michael Levy (914.273.9688) or owner's CPA and fiancial advisor, Frank Sisco ( 914.740.4422, email is Price raised in 7/2007 from $499,000 to $565,000 after over $100K of repairs and renovation were completed.
History - Built in 1958 by General Walter Mullins who continually expanded and modified the home until ________. The current owners purchaed the house from Nicholas A. Mullins, III (assumed to be an heir) on 5/19/1982. A videotape is available that shows "the castle" several years ago (about 10) when it was lived in and enjoyed by the owners. (See excerpted videoclips and photo on webpage.)
Style - "castle" Levels - 3 stories
Land - 1.36 acres, Lot -1, Block-1, Zoning R6040 in Town of Carmel., Rooms - 11, Bedrooms -6, Bathrooms - 3 full baths
Square feet - 5,500 per and 7,138 per Living Room -With fireplace, several paitings on the ceiling.
Exterior - Stucco Dining Rm - -With fireplace, 2 steps down from living room.
Floors - Carp, tile, wood Kitchen - Everything works, but may need upgrading.
Heating - Oil fuel, hotwater Basement - full. Includes laundry room. Attic - Not a separate attic in addition to third floor which has been finished.
Zoning - Residential Appliances - Dishw, Disp, Dryer, micro, refrg., washr
Taxes - est. at $5,220 Septic sewer system (new in 5/07), water supply from well(s)
Schools -District 372001, elementary school - Austin Road (750 students). Middle School and High School (1,593 students) in Mahopac. 7 colleges within 30 miles.
C - Special features -
1. Eat in kitchen with plenty of cabinets. 2 Outside grounds include fountain, statues and sitting areas. 3.Three patios/balconies. 4. Proximity to lake. 5.Onecar garage. 6. Fireplaces. 7.Asphalt roof (newly replaced in April 2007).



Beautiful small town in Putnam county, but with larger city conveniences of malls, stores, services, well-rated schools, etc. With a small population (8,478 in year 2000) and located not far from Route 684 (west of Danbury CT and northeast of Peekskill on the Hudson. The following community information was copied (on 2/22/2006) from a internet information page located at The information is presented below in an effort to facilitate more diversity not dissuade it and to faciliate more acceptance of variety not lessen it. For example, a buyer who is interested in learning more about Italian-American culture may be interested in locating in Mahopac because of the high percentage (34.2%) of residents of Italian-American heritage. People, of course, should not discriminate negatively as it is not only against the law but it is unethetical and not in keeping with many of the values of being a good citizen and moral member of our society.

Races: • White Non-Hispanic (90.2%)
• Hispanic (6.7%)
• Other race (1.9%)
• Two or more races (1.3%)
• Black (1.1%)
Ancestries: Italian (34.2%), Irish (24.7%), German (12.1%), Polish (6.3%), United States (5.1%), English (4.3%).
Mahopac compared to New York state average: • Median household income above state average.
• Median house value significantly above state average..
• Foreign-born population percentage significantly above state average.
• Renting percentage below state average.
• Number of rooms per house above state average
Elevation 666 feet



D. - Photos taken in August and October 2008 (after most of renovation was finished)


E - Various photos (some recent and some from several years ago when the house was freshly painted, decorated, and occupied.)
Outside in yard (south side) Fountain (east side) Archway to south side of property. Archway to south side of property. Driveway at north side of house (Old Bullet Hole Road) Driveway at north side of house (Old Bullet Hole Road)
Outside yard (west side) and various statues.. Inside garage. First floor - living room. First floor - dining room First floor - "garden" room with fountain. Second floor - master bedroom.
Third floor - artist's studio. Community - downtown. Community - Lake Mahopac. Community - Lake Mahopac. Outside - facing east toward house (west side of house) Outside - facing north toward house (south side of house) .
Contact info and disclosures:
Contact Frank Sisco of the advertising firm( Corpoation) for further information at 914.740.4422 of by email at (Also for more info go to the separate website at . All videocliips, including audio, were recorded by Frank Sisco with verbal permission by the parties involved. All rights are reserved and Frank Sisco has a copyright on the video, audio, photos, images and text, and he should be contacted before anyone copies any portion of it.. His written consent is required. Additional photos and info were taken from various material provided to Frank Sisco. Intellectual property, if any, created by Frank Sisco remain his. Copyright 2006-2007 Frank Sisco.
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F - Storyboard of Videoclips # 1 through # 18 (Mostly videoclips from 6/6/07 and 5/23/07)
Using this page of videoclips etc.
Overview - The Videoclips have been created by Frank Sisco as discussed above.
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Videoclips #1 through #9 - Tour with an individual who requested not to be included in the videoclips and Frank Sisco (6/6/07)

Videoclips #10 through #17 - Tour with RJ Simon of RJ Simon Home Improvements, LLC, and Frank Sisco (5/23/07)

Videoclip #18 - Views of Lake Mahopac with Frank Siscoi (10/19/2005)

Videoclip # 1
Videoclip # 2

Videoclip #1 - After introductory titles, t he videoclip begins with the drive from the Bryant Pond Road exit off the Taconic Parkway to the Mahopac Castle at 2 Mullins Lane, at the top of the hill old Bullet Hole Road (with Norah Jones singing "Until the End" from her CD called "Not Too Late") and continues with a 14 minute tour on 6/6/07 of the outside and then inside of the house.

  Videoclip #2 - Drive from New Rochelle, NY to the Taconic Parkway exit at Bryant Pond Road.
Videoclip # 3
Videoclip # 4

Videoclip#3 - Drive from the Bryant Pond Road exit to the Mahopac Castle.


Videoclip #4 - Introductions by Frank Sisco and RJ Simon. 

Videoclip # 5
Videoclip # 6

Videoclip #5 - Tour of the first floor with an individual who decided not to be in videoclips.

  Videoclip #6 - Tour of the second floor with with an individual who decided not to be in videoclips.
Videoclip # 7
Videoclip # 8
  Video has been temporarily removed from videovoom and from youtube on 4/29/08.

Videoclip #7 - Tour of the mezzanine bedroom with an individual who decided not to be in videoclips.

  Videoclip #8 - Tour of the third floor with an individual who decided not to be in videoclips.
Videoclip # 9
Videoclip # 10

Videoclip #9 - Tour driveway, grounds and suggested landscaping with a real estate broker who requested that the videoclip be removed..

  Videoclip #10 - Introduction by Frank Sisco.
Videoclip # 11
Videoclip # 12

Videoclip #11- Tour of the first floor with RJ Simon of RJ Home Improvements, LLC along with comments about recent work that has been completed

  Videoclip #12- Tour of the second floor with RJ Simon of RJ Home Improvements, LLC along with comments about recent work that has been completed.
Videoclip # 13
Videoclip # 14

Videoclip #13- Tour of the mezzanine bedroom floor with RJ Simon of RJ Home Improvements, LLC along with comments about recent work that has been completed,


Videoclip #14- Tour of the third floor with RJ Simon of RJ Home Improvements, LLC along with comments about recent work that has been completed,

Videoclip # 15
Videoclip # 16

Videoclip #15- Descending the staircase with RJ Simon of RJ Home Improvements, LLC from the third floor to the outside.

  Videoclip #16- Tour outside   with RJ Simon of RJ Home Improvements, LLC (and with along with comments about recent work that has been completed,
Videoclip # 17
Videoclip # 18

Videoclip #17- Drive by Frank Sisco, leaving the Mahopac Castle and returning to the Taconic Parkway, LLC (and with along with comments about recent work that has been completed


Videoclip #18 - Views of Lake Mahopac by Frank Sisco while visiting the Mahopac Castle on 10/19/2005.








G. Storyboard of videos and photos and information about Frank Sisco 's visit to this charming home on 10/19/05..
The best way to use this storyboard, is to follow it by the number (#1 through #24) and click on the photo to go to the separate subpage for that particular part of the "story" of this house. (and to use the back button to get back to this storyboard)
#A1a - Video (audio removed) from years ago taken by owner with 25 photos - outside and inside house.
#A1a - Sample photo.
#A1a - Sample photo.
#A1a - Sample photo.
#A1a - Sample photo.
#A1a - Sample photo.
#A1 - Start drive from New Rochelle to Mahopac, NY
#A2 - Driving along highways, mostly Taconic Parkway.
#A3 - Driving off Taconic Parkway on detour, missing exit.
#A4 -Driving from exit to house.
#A5 - Arrive at house and fountain area.
#A6 - Outside of house, viewed from yard and from Mullins Lane.
#A7 -Outside of house viewed from driveway and from Mullins Lane.
#A8 - Outside yards and various statues..
#A9 -Walls and Frank's suggestion to move driveway.
#A10 - Garage.
#A11 - Living Room.

#A12 - Dining room, kitchen and boiler.
#A13 - "Little Boys Room," kitchen etc.
#A14 - Second floor rooms (5 bedrooms and bathroom).
#A15 - Third floor rooms (artist studio, art room, bathroom)
#A16 - "Frank's Two Cents Suggestions for improvements"for inside. (See list)
#A17 - "Frank's Two Cents Suggestions for improvements"for outside. (See list)
#A18 - Photos of the house from years ago.
#A19 - Drive from house to Lake Mahopac.
#A20 - Drive around Lake Mahopac.
#A21 - Driving to downtown area.
#A22 - Stopping at a parking lot and dock at Lake Mahopac.
#23 - Driving from Lake Mahopac to highway.
#24 - Driving on Taconic Parkway back to New Rochelle. (END)
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