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How to email a VideoPoem to Someone

We are working on an even quicker and easier way to do it but for now, please use the following steps. If you have questions, please call Frank Sisco at 914.381.3737 or email him at

Benefits of emailing a VideoPoem

1. Video can enliven your poem. You get an opportunity to better express the feelings and messages of your poem through speech, inflection, tone, gestures, etc. Some poets use music, props, etc.

2. Emailing a VideoPoem is quick, easy, fast and free!

3. Saves time and money.

4. Gives the poet an opportunity to share his or her poem (and oneself) in a way that is unique and very personalized.

5. The viewer can enjoy a performance of a poem online in case the viewer was not able to attend the live performance.

6. Think of the benefits of sending a VideoPoem of you to your sister in California, or your good friend in Paris, or your mother down the street, or your child at college, and on and on. Share yourself!

7. The receiver of your VideoPoem can easily forward it to another person, using simple forwarding email techniques.

8. Give someone a lift in the community, such as residents of a nursing home. The residents could play the VideoPoem on their center's computer.

9. Expand your professional horizons but sending VideoPoems to publishers, agents or others who can help you share your work with the larger community.




Steps to email a VideoPoem

1. Open your email program (e.g. AOL, Outlook Express, etc.) as you normally would to send an email.

2. Open your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Safari, AOL), select a new window, and copy the following in the URL bar near the top and paste it in:

3. Find the VideoPoem you want to send, using the buttons on the top bar to search by poet or by poet group, and go to the VideoPoem page of your choice.

4. Copy the URL address that appears in the URL bar.

5. Go to the draft email to be sent, and then paste the address into the email.

6. Click send and voila! (Remember, a viewer needs QuickTime to view the videos and needs a fast connection such as cable modem or DSL. There is a download button on the VideoPoem page to download QuickTime, quickly and easily and free.




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